Woodland Rosewood Condo with 3 bedrooms upstairs! (Unit available from November 1, 2022, M…

by Property Consultant

Woodland Rosewood Condo with 3 bedrooms upstairs! (Unit available from 1 November 2022, maximum stay 6 people!) Apartment Address: ROSEWOOD DR Post Code: 737939 Very close to Woodlands MRT and Causeway Point Shopping Mall!! 8 minutes (590m) walk to TE2 Woodlands MRT 8 minutes (630m) walk to NS9 Woodlands MRT 13 minutes (970m) walk to TE3 Woodlands MRT Monthly Rent SGD 4200, I am the direct owner with no agent fee! (No agent thx) If you like plz contact me Johnny @ 98248676 11th floor 4 units per level. With swimming view and garden view, unlocking and quiet steering. Morning sun only without afternoon sun for all 3 rooms and hall Very bright and windy, they don’t even need lights and fans during the day, which can save a lot of electricity and cost. All rooms included in the living room have air conditioning, but the current tenants rarely use it as it is quite windy. Total 3 rooms + 1 service room and speaker, 2 toilets and 1 laundry room. The neighbors are very friendly, 1 floor with only 4 units. Heating, refrigerator and TV have all, as well as other furniture, the above hope is clear. Current tenant maintenance quite well and very clean! Monthly rental fees are SGD 4200, 2 month deposit and 2 year rental term. Water, electricity and internet you normally have to pay yourself. (Unit available from 1st November 2022) If you are interested please contact me Johnny @98248676 thanks in advance! 😊 (no agent needed, thx) Woodland Rosewood Apartment 3 房 高楼 高楼/11 楼 全 家店 2 年 租 约 11月 1 号 可以在家家家 最发 前于很 好 五师三级! Apartment 世界 世界: Rosewood Dr 邮编: 737939 五师Close to Woodlands MRT and Causeway Point Shopping Mall!! 8 minutes (590m) walk to Forests TE2 MRT 8 minutes (630m) walk to Forests NS9 MRT 13 minutes (970m) walk to Forests TE3 MRT 整套出租 • 兀兰• Rosewood • S$3,200 • S$3,200 • 1174ft² / 109m² 公 设计图像 • 公安房 • 桑拿房 • 展开房 • 流师 • 浅水池 • 水力手摩池 • 玩乐场 • 公安角 • 保安 • 网电影 • 烧烤台房内 电影 电影 • 深天 • 衣术 • 餐条 • 王甸台 房 内 电影 电台 • 海年 • 衣怯 • 餐桌 • 生干机 • 水安 • 餐条 • 生干机 • 书条 Other information luxury decoration • 高山 • 最月 11月1号 •租期 24月 • 房区 D25 心居 only 3户 ( 一个4户) and it is very good! room is 3 房+一女女代房 和小藏室3个厕所房入时高楼 11楼 all rooms are very well-ventilated and have性好好 Most of the time 在白天是no need to turn on electric fan or electric light 3 room price and living room are all in one 朝向南早上的国际下午没有西晒 The room has basic furniture and household electricity: air conditioner, electric fan, television, washing machine, refrigerator, bed,衣池,书条,饭東 etc. can be directly checked in 月租金4200,水生金4200,水生网络 etc.与与京的设计 We hope this house can meet you for a long time.

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