9/21 Hi. Does anyone get the impression that Malaysia is getting worse now. All prices go up. If you want to buy a motorcycle, but wages will not increase. If you want to find another job, it’s not so easy, but it doesn’t matter. Now the internet is developed, many people are in…

by Property Consultant

Hi👋 Does anyone feel that Malaysia is getting worse now😵 All prices are going up and if you want to buy a motorbike it will go up again😐 Only wages are not going up and it’s not that easy to find another job 🥲 But it doesn’t matter, now that the internet is developed, many people are Find other part-time on the internet😚 Only my company is looking for people to work🤩Basic salary: 2500➕ Commission, you can earn 5000-6000 a month😘 but you have to you hold on to her👍
Conditions as long as you have a computer, iPad, mobile phone with internet‼ ️You also need to download the application provided by the company to work ✅
Also, be nice to people, just answer customer questions 😊
The company submission dialog is to see, just look at the words and answer the questions of the guests 😄
Work from home🙈Working time is 8 hours😘 Please add Whatsapp to job interview‼️Start earning money, support your family and buy things👍

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