Shilonggang North Lane No. 143 has a girls room for rent and the main room has a triple room. Light cooking, air conditioning on at night. You can own HDB address, close to Hong Maoqiao and Shilonggang subway stations. A 400 bed, air conditioning, water grid all inclusive. Fully furnished, on the ground floor…

by Property Consultant

There are girls in the big 143 in Shilonggang North Lane 1Room for rent, matrimonial room, triple room. small boiler, emptyOpen at night. May have HDB address, based onClose to Hong Maoqiao and Shilonggang subway bed400, air conditioning, water network all inclusive. furnitureAbsolutely, there is a 24-hour supermarket on the ground floor. Food court.Malaysian girls are welcome to come and see the house, thanksAbsolute fabrication. Telephone 82770008WhatsApp sync

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