**310C Ang Mo kio Ave 1, Ang Mo Kio Soi 1** **(Available 1 October 2022, Available 1 October)** **( Non-intermediate)…

by Property Consultant

**310C Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, Lane 1, Ang Mo Kio** **(Available 1st October 2022, Available 1st October)** **(Non-intermediate) Help aunty find the master room and to find a woman to share the room (room for 4 people)** **-Matrimonial room with separate shower, bunk bed for rent (bunk bed)** **( Matrimonial bedroom 1 pax space for rent)** **- Bunk bed = $400 monthly rent + one more month deposit** **($400/ per month + (one month deposit)** **- As long as female = As long as Malaysians, there are 3 people** **(Only for Malaysian Chinese Female)* * **- Non-intermediary… Helping the owner and aunt to find tenants** **- The owner does not live there, there are only 6 people in the whole house** **- No agency commission , you can report the address** ** – Including water and electricity bills, unlimited fiber optic network** **- There are air conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines, etc.** **- Those who love cleanliness are welcome** **- Microwave oven, washing machine, clean, friendly, can cook for a small amount** ** – Those interested please 88758146**

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